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Wakatipu Youth Trust

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our history

our history

Wakatipu Youth Trust (WYT) was established in April 2011 following the merger of Queenstown Life Trust (X-it Youth Workers) and Wakatipu District Youth Trust (Summit Youth Workers), both of which had been established in the community for over ten years each.

For the next 8 years, the original X-it youth centre, located on Stanley Street was used as the centre for youth. They were consulted regarding a new name and logo and it was subsequently re-branded as The (Youth) Booth. Thanks to generous donations from the local community, the youth centre had a massive makeover and was filled with great games and resources for youth.

More recently, the youth centre has relocated to Frankton to stay in close proximity to Wakatipu High School. The youth centre was renamed the Loft, to reflect the new upstairs environment and to create an all inclusive space for the youth community.

We are currently putting together some older images for a gallery on this page. Please send us any photos you have of X-it & The Booth.

Wakatipu Youth Trust

4a/15 Red Oaks Drive
Frankton, Queenstown

9:30am - 6pm (Mon to Fri)

3:30pm - 6pm (Mon to Fri)

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